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총 논문수 12,116
논문 목록
번호 유형 논문명 게재년도
12116 Correlation of Paleoproterozoic igneous and metamorphic events of the Korean Peninsula and China Its implication to the tectonics of Northeast Asia 2019
12115 학술지 Visible-Light-Induced 1,3-Aminopyridylation of [1.1.1]Propellane with N-Aminopyridinium Salts 2020
12114 학술지 Growth of single crystals of 0.75(Na0.5Bi0.5)TiO3-0.25(Sr0.7Ca0.3)TiO3 and characterisation of their electrical properties 2021
12113 학술지 Crystal structure of human LC8 bound to a peptide from Ebola virus VP35 2020
12112 학술지 Molecular analysis of the interaction between human ptpn21 and the oncoprotein e7 from human papillomavirus genotype 18 2020
12111 학술지 Synthesis of mesoporous 2-line ferrihydriteγ-Al2O3 hybrid adsorbent for the effective adsorption of phosphate for water remediation 2021
12110 학술지 Nanostructured Iron Sulfide N, S Dual-Doped Carbon Nanotube-Graphene Composites as Efficient Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction 2021
12109 학술지 Mitrofanovite, Layered Platinum Telluride, for Active Hydrogen Evolution 2021
12108 학술지 Response of multiple demand network to visual search demands 2020
12107 학술지 Journal of the American Chemical Society 2020

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