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총 논문수 12,846
논문 목록
번호 유형 논문명 게재년도
12846 Correlation of Paleoproterozoic igneous and metamorphic events of the Korean Peninsula and China Its implication to the tectonics of Northeast Asia 2019
12845 학술지 Hypersonic Shockwave Robustness in Infrared Plasmonic Doped Metal Oxide Nanocrystal Cubes: Implications for High-Speed Ballistics Transport Applications 2022
12844 학술지 Pseudo-Isolated α-Helix Platform for the Recognition of Deep and Narrow Targets 2022
12843 학술지 Characterization of bio-adsorptive removal performance of strontium through ureolysis-mediated bio-mineralization 2022
12842 학술지 Local Al network and material characterization of belite-calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cements 2021
12841 학술지 Effect of the molar ratio of calcium sulfate over ye``elimite on the reaction of CSA cementslag blends under an accelerated carbonation condition 2022
12840 학술지 Effect of nutrient types on the hydration of cementitious materials with co-cultured bacteria 2022
12839 학술지 Modifications in hydration kinetics and characteristics of calcium aluminate cement upon blending with calcium sulfoaluminate cement 2022
12838 학술지 Evaluation of Hydration Characteristics and NOx-removal Performances of Cement Paste Containing Refined TiO2 Obtained from Waste Sludge 2021
12837 학술지 Rhodium(II)-Catalyzed Highly Selective 1,3-Insertion Reactions Using N-Sulfonyl-1,2,3-Triazoles with Heteroaryl Ethers or Heteroaryl Alcohols 2022

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