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총 논문수 10,756
논문 목록
번호 유형 논문명 게재년도
10756 학술지 Distribution of Stream Incision Rates in the Northern Part of the Taebaek Mountains 2018
10755 학술지 Cobalt-Based Active Species Molecularly Immobilized on Carbon Nanotubes for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction 2017
10754 학술지 Metal-free photocatalytic trifluoromethylative pyridylation of unactivated alkenes 2018
10753 학술지 Visible-Light-Induced Pyridylation of Remote C(sp3)−H Bonds by Radical Translocation of N-Alkoxypyridinium Salts 2018
10752 학술지 Structural insights into photocatalytic performance of carbon nitrides for degradation of organic pollutants 2018
10751 학술지 Molecularly dispersed nickel-containing species on the carbon nitride network as electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction 2017
10750 학술지 New insight of the photocatalytic behaviors of graphitic carbon nitrides for hydrogen evolution and their associations with grain size, porosity, and photophysical properties 2017
10749 학술지 Electrocatalysts composed of a Co(acetylacetonate)2molecule and refluxed graphene oxide for an oxygen reduction reaction 2017
10748 학술지 A low-noise silicon nitride nanopore device on a polymer substrate 2018
10747 학술지 Organocatalytic enantioselective synthesis of acyclic pyrimidine nucleosides by aza-Michael reaction 2018