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총 논문수 13,377
논문 목록
번호 유형 논문명 게재년도
13377 Correlation of Paleoproterozoic igneous and metamorphic events of the Korean Peninsula and China Its implication to the tectonics of Northeast Asia 2019
13376 학술지 Structure and Dielectric Properties of Poly(vinylidenefluoride-co-trifluoroethylene) Copolymer Thin Films Using Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Deposition for Piezoelectric Nanogenerator 2023
13375 학술지 Sulfur reduction distillation of sulfides and verification of the effect of sulfur isotopic fractionation during pretreatment 2023
13374 학술지 Nitrogen isotope geochemistry of ion adsorption-type REE mineralization: Insights from the weathered granitoid rocks in the Sancheong district, South Korea 2023
13373 학술지 Hollow porous carbon nanospheres containing polar cobalt sulfide (Co9S8) nanocrystals as electrocatalytic interlayers for the reutilization of polysulfide in lithium–sulfur batteries 2023
13372 학술지 Three-dimensional hierarchically porous micro sponge-ball comprising anatase TiO2 nanodots and nitrogen-doped graphitic carbon as anodes for ultra-stable lithium-ion batteries 2023
13371 학술지 Process of fluvial terraces and evolution of stream during the late quaternary in the downstream of the Namhangang river 2023
13370 학술지 Changes of Shorelines and Processes of Coastal Landforms in Sinjido Island during the Late Quaternary 2023
13369 학술지 Copper-Catalyzed One-Pot Arylation and Cyclization of Diaryliodonium Salts Derived from o-Iodoanilines of Indole[2,3-b]indoles Syntheses 2023
13368 학술지 Nanostructured Polyaniline Films Functionalized through Auxiliary Nitrogen Addition in Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Polymerization 2023

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