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총 논문수 11,396
논문 목록
번호 유형 논문명 게재년도
11396 Correlation of Paleoproterozoic igneous and metamorphic events of the Korean Peninsula and China Its implication to the tectonics of Northeast Asia 2019
11395 학술지 Preparation of Thin-Layer Graphene Using RAFT Polymerization and a Thiol-Ene Click Reaction 2019
11394 학술지 Copper molybdenum sulfide nanoparticles embedded on graphene sheets as advanced electrodes for wide temperature-tolerant supercapacitors 2019
11393 학술지 Copper molybdenum sulfide: A novel pseudocapacitive electrode material for electrochemical energy storage device 2018
11392 학술지 Solvent extraction separation of silver(I) and zinc(II) from nitrate leach solution of spent silver oxide batteries with D2EHPA 2019
11391 학술지 Recovery of silver from leachate of silicon solar cells by solvent extraction with TOPO 2019
11390 학술지 Transition Metal-Free Construction of Trinuclear N-Fused Hybrid Scaffolds by Double Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution under Microwave Irradiation 2019
11389 학술지 Soft matter DNA nanoparticles hybridized with CpG motifs and peptide nucleic acids enable immunological treatment of cancer 2019
11388 학술지 Diverse structural conversion and aggregation pathways of Alzheimer``s amyloid-β (1-40) 2019
11387 학술지 Highly photostable rylene-encapsulated polymeric nanoparticles for fluorescent labeling in biological system 2019